Customer Testimonials

Cumberland College
Cumberland College one of Kentucky's leading liberal arts colleges, has historically served students primarily, but not exclusively, from the beautiful mountain regions of Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio and Alabama which have traditionally been described as Appalachia. The College's impact can be seen in the achievements of its graduates who have assumed roles of leadership in this region and throughout the nation.
"Mr. Neville designed our new campus network from the ground up. We could not be more satisfied."
Donnie G., Director of Networking
Asbury Theological Seminary
Asbury was founded "to prepare and send forth a well-trained, sanctified, Spirit-filled, evangelistic ministry" to spread scriptural holiness throughout the world. "A recent technology expansion program has greatly enhanced the Seminary’s capabilities for training, research and administration. This technological infrastructure has placed Asbury Seminary on the leading edge of theological education. The result has united the campus and opened the door to a world of creative potential.
"Chuck Neville has been instrumental in the development of our technological infrastructure. One of his primary strengths is that he listens to his clients. As a result, he was able to clearly define our needs and develop a plan that was both efficient and cost effective. He was tireless and creative in his efforts with us. Of all the people working with us on our 2.7 million dollar technology project, we were most pleased with the work done by Chuck."
Dr. Kenneth B., Executive Director of Information Technology
Community Trust Bank, one of Kentucky's premiere banks.
"Chuck played a vital role in the design and implementation of our state wide WAN infrastructure. His knowledge of both WAN data communications and voice integration allowed Community Trust to greatly enhance our 60 location voice and data communications systems. Chuck's support in the design process, implementation and post implementation phases of our project were and continue to be excellent. We are currently relying on Chuck to assist us in developing both inTRAnet and inTERnet solutions for our Corporation."
Jim D., Senior Vice President, Operations Division, Technology Group